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Wendi Trulson, Australia: Threads of Change

I am ecowott or Wendi Trulson the “eco” refers to the environmental integrity of my arts practice and the” wott” is acronym for Wendi of the Treasure, a name from my childhood. I now live and work in the surrounds of Lamington Plateau, foraging my own backyard for leaves and inspiration. As I work with a natural dye process that is ecologically sound and keeps the environment and its user’s safe, my concerns about the infinite use of resources is very important to me and I wish to encourage others to think about the fabric they wear and consume? With my art practice, I am exploring the possibility of the reuse and renewing of textiles from the discards of society into usable art.

Threads of Change

#waronwaste #slow #slowstitch #slowfashion

Learn how to make a difference to the environment and your wardrobe. In this workshop Wendi will help you unleash your creativity and free your mind using a Japanese concept of Shibusa - “contrasting elegance with imperfection…. spontaneity with restraint”

It is about slowing down… sharing … hand stitching …. finding beauty in the imperfections.

The dye pots will reveal alchemy using only nature’s gifts... along the way we will explore our local flora assembling a sandwich of cloth and creating a bundle of your own creation for the grand finale.

The “Sandwich of Cloth” is a great introduction to botanical and natural dyeing - you will learn the essence of natural print and resist dyeing on silk and wool cloth, acquiring the technical skills of the process that involves imparting colour and marks from leaves and flowers onto cloth and thread.

“Slow Stitch” - this mindful and contemplative type of stitching as well as stitching in general is a big part of Wendi’s creative process. Firstly, you will work on a simple project using “slow stitches” to piece together a needle roll, pin/needle cushion or a similar item?

With your stitches, you will construct your own creation either renewing a piece of clothing you already own or making a swing top from scratch, and then bundling your creation with leaves. As a grand finale, you will get to unfurl the contents of your "bundle of joy” and this is the magic moment as the wonder of nature reveals herself.

Please be aware this workshop is open to all that love to hand stitch (so some knowledge is preferred) and it is not about producing the perfect leaf print.