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LLOYD Peta, AUSTRALIA: Personal Shrine, Memory Shrine, Story Shrine, layered with Narrative.

Peta describes herself as a bricoleur, transforming collected materials and everyday life stories, into quirky, elegant narratives often housed within unique, emotive vessels.....

Peta incorporates printmaking, encaustic, assemblage and collage into her shrines, artist books, assemblages, box diaries and wall narratives.  Peta’s works are held in both private and public collections within Australia.

As a tutor, Peta enjoys encouraging her students to try new things, to experiment with materials, to view happy accidents as having great potential for further investigation.  Peta loves to share her knowledge and skills with students, relishing in their achievements and blossoming as they make their own authentic art works.

Personal Shrine, Memory Shrine, Story Shrine, layered with Narrative.

Shrines have been created for thousands of years, they are found in almost every country of the world, they express our most basic human concerns; such as birth, life and death.  Shrines are: “a receptacle for sacred relics; a reliquary, a structure, often of a stately or sumptuous character, enclosing the remains or relics of a saint or other holy object......” (Macquarie Dictionary, 3rd Edition)

Shrines are not always religious or connected to worship or dedicated to a Saint.  Shrines can express or celebrate the connections we have to significant people, places, things, ideas, nature, travel, life events and relationships.  Shrines can be sacred places that hold family memories, exploring personal relationships and stories.  They can be spiritual places that contain icons and symbols that protect the people around it.  Shrines can also be humorous, quirky or satirical, they can express anything that has meaning to us or that deserves our remembrance.

During this workshop you will create an artwork within a shrine format, using simple construction methods.  Materials and objects, holding special memories and meaning to you, will be assembled within your shrine, creating a narrative with many layers of personal meaning. Your shrine housing will be a deep walled canvas. Peta will step you through the construction of the outer façade using foam core and rice papers and the internal assemblage. Your internal ‘backdrop’ will be created from a range of materials: textiles, paper, acrylic paints, natural materials, found book covers etc. 

A variety of techniques will be used to transform surfaces, including toner copy transfer and ageing and distressing techniques. Simple methods for attaching objects will be explored and demonstrated.  Materials such as: waxed linen thread, wire, eyelets, screws, brads and glue will be used. Peta will provide individual time with each artist to assist with these decisions.

This workshop introduces participants to the world of assemblage art using simple doable techniques. 

The workshop welcomes beginners to assemblage art. 

Artists experienced in assemblage art, will enjoy a deeper exploration of this style of art.