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O’ROURKE Meghan, AUSTRALIA: Changing Colours: An introduction to coloured anodised aluminium and titanium jewellery 

Meghan O’Rourke is an Adelaide based contemporary jeweller and metalsmith and an alumni of the JamFactory’s Metal Design Studio. Her ornate work combines traditional precious metals with the vivid colour palate of hand dyed and textured anodized titanium. Her jewellery often explores the use of patterns derived from the delicate structures found in nature. O’Rourke’s has exhibited widely gaining recognition in various national and international fine art publications and awards including The Waterhouse Art Prize and The National Contemporary Jewellery Award; and most recently an invitation to exhibit at the Museum of Arts & Design in New York.

An introduction to coloured anodised aluminium and titanium jewellery.

Suitable for beginners and those with some previous jewellery making experience.

This workshop offers an introduction to the decorative colouring potential of anodised aluminium and titanium. During this workshop learners will be introduced to a broad range of techniques and skills including specialty tools and equipment, handling & preparation of metals, the anodising process and some simple colouring techniques including dip-dyeing, mark making, and the use of resists. In addition to anodising learners will be guided through the process of sawing, filing, finishing techniques, forming and cold joining methods.

Over the 5 days participants will primarily focus on experimenting with the colouring of anodised aluminium through the production of a large range of test pieces from which several will then be turned into finished pieces of jewellery.

Techniques / approaches that will be taught:

Anodising is the process of colouring aluminium and titanium using an electro

chemical process. In this workshop you will learn simple techniques for working with and colouring titanium. This course will focus on the production of jewellery and objects in anodised titanium.

What students will do and learn:

During this 5 day workshop you will be introduced to a broad range of techniques and skills. In addition to anodising you will learn basic jewellery making techniques and be guided through the process of sawing, filing, finishing, forming, surface texturing and joining.

Topics Covered :

- Introduction to working with aluminium & titanium (properties & info).

- Basic jewellery techniques (sawing, filing, drilling, surface finishes).

- Joining & construction methods for the materials

- Resists & masks for anodising (tape, nail polish).

- Production of a range of anodised samples and test pieces.

- Forming titanium (hammering / punching).

- Surface finishes for titanium (brushed, sanded, scotchbrite,    

  punching, drilling, & mark making).

- Anodising techniques (gradation, using dyes, markers).

What students will take home:

Projects will include the design and production of several pieces of wearable

jewellery along with a range of test pieces & experiments.