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Marilyn Moore, USA: Wire as Fibre: Where Technique Meets Inspiration

Marilyn's first love is basketry, and basketry related jewellery.

Since 1979, she has taught for guilds, conferences and conventions around the country and has written numerous articles and been featured in many publications. Having graduated from the University of Washington with a BFA in Fiber Art in 1997, moving from Seattle in 2015, she now lives in Iowa City, IA.   She has also recently joined the board of directors of the National Basketry Organization.

Wire as Fibre: Where Technique Meets Inspiration

In this class about technique, we will explore many of the aspects of wire that make it an exciting fiber.  We will also look at what inspires each of the participants and how it translates into their work.

Students should be ready for a week of inspiration and techniques using wire as a fiber.  Techniques included in this class:  twining, knitting, crocheting, color blending, using a torch to prepare materials for basket making.

Using Marilyn’s unique method of color blending and using prepared copper wires for spokes, explore the use of fine colored wire as a twining material, also discuss shaping and design. 

Students may also use wire cloth and wire to design their own projects. With the instructors help they will learn to explore such skills as working with a torch to heat patina, then cut, hem, and corrugate the wire cloth. Once the wire cloth is prepared, we will attach wire and using textile techniques such as knitting and crocheting, and learn to form interesting and delicate basketry shapes with the wire and wire cloth.

Encouraging the students own creativity and techniques are stressed in this workshop.