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LORELL LEHMAN, AUSTRALIA: Creating a Fantasy Figure

I was raised on faery stories and horror stories….often not a lot of difference between them when you really think about it. My work has evolved from a childhood that was filled with imaginative play and has been influenced by countless artists and writers who have fuelled my imagination and inspired me to embrace my personal creative vision. In my head, I’m still the nine year old who used to leave small pieces of cake in the garden for any faeries who might be passing through. I also have a particular fondness for monsters.
My work (both 2 & 3 dimensional) is grounded in a love of drawing, traditional media and processes, and story-telling. I have worked as a figurative sculptor since 1994 and recently returned to University to pursue my lifelong love of illustration, gaining a degree in Visual Communication Design. I am currently undertaking a Masters Degree in Visual Art & Creative Practice, while working on my first picture book and teaching several classes in drawing and illustration Design at the University of South Australia.

Creating a Fantasy Figure

In this workshop you will be guided through building an original fantasy character, from sketching a concept, constructing a wrapped wire and cloth armature, sculpting and painting the head, hands and feet using polymer clay and acrylic paints, and assembling the figure ready for costuming.

Applying hair and constructing wings will also be covered.

No prior sculpting or drawing experience is needed.