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Uchiyama Leiko, IRELAND: Felted Jacket with Pine-Needles collar and sleeves

Leiko Uchiyama is a Japanese felt making artist living in Ireland. Her educational background in both Animal Science and Textile Design sparked in her a curiosity about wool and its properties. More than 20 years of her felting experience explores the possibilities of wool in the 21st century. She loves the beauty and the happiness which real hand crafts bring to our society. Technology has been developing so fast, we tend to forget how wonderfully skilled our hands are. Her work and classes remind you of the beauty and the joy which only our hands can bring in making.

Felted Jacket with Pine-Needles collar and sleeves

Pine Needles is the lacy felt technique I invented many years ago and which I have been developing since; it is inspired by pine needles spread on the snow.

In this class, we are going to learn how to make a pattern for felt garments which incorporate the Pine Needles technique.

This class is for intermediate to advanced felt makers.