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Kay has been a full time weaver for over 20 years. She has taught extensively both within Australia and Internationally. It is the potential of weave structure that has been the driving force behind her research. This resulted in her international recognition with woven shibori but it has also resulted in the combination of imagery in her work. Kay recognises the importance of unique handwoven cloth. One tool she uses to achieve this is through the use of imagery, whether in the basic structure, by pick up on various woven structures or a combination. Kay has a Master Weaver’s accreditation from OHS, Canada.


This workshop is suitable for students at different levels of weaving experience- from the experienced to even a beginner.

For those who know how to weave. You may choose your own project whether it is a series of table mats or scarf (or two). Some sampling is required before you begin your project. Alternatively you may just sample.

“Play” encourages students to explore combining structures in a warp. Several approaches may be chosen including stripes of double weave (including discontinuous or offset) or twills.

Explore the use of a band or stripes of double weave that don’t cover the entire textile. Traditional treading sequences may be used and combined with conventional and unusual yarns. Layers that use alternative weave structures may be used independently and/or combined with stitched double weave.

Alternatively explore the potential of the twill threadings. Several twills may be used in the threading draft and even combined with plain weave or other structures. Different effects will be explored.

The aim is to explore the development of a textile that combines several technique resulting in a complex cloth.

Then “plus 1” allows for the addition of another element once this exploration has started. A supplementary warp will be added. Temporary additional shafts will be added expanding on the shaft capabilities of your loom. “Plus 1” means more: more techniques, more shafts than you’ve got on a loom, more play.

For those who wish to experience weaving for the first time (or who want to refresh process)

Weave a scarf (or two) or alternatively a series of hand towels or tea towels. Learn how to calculate requirements for a project, put on a warp efficiently and weave. Explore colour, texture and pattern. Gain a sense of achievement by weaving something totally unique. You also will play!

Hire of a loom and equipment can be negotiated but is limited.

Before the class, all students will be required to discuss their project and notify level of experience.