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Kay Faulkner, Australia: Two Seasons in one week: Exploring Summer and Winter.

Kay Faulkner has been a full time weaver for over 30 years and loves the opportunity to pass on her knowledge to students both within Australia and internationally.  The ability to create unique hand woven cloth is the prime focus of her studio practice. The potential of the woven structure is a source of fascination. She is committed to research and enjoys pushing the boundaries. She has gained Master Weavers Accreditation. She has been published and exhibits extensively both within Australia and Internationally. Since 2015 she operates a weaving school from her studio in Queensland.

Exploring Summer and Winter

This is a classic weave structure requiring a supplementary weft. Summer and Winter, also referred to as two tie unit weave, is recognised as a versatile method of achieving imagery in cloth. It is one of those techniques that are found in many publications and this is your opportunity to demystify the technique.

Students have the choice of either weaving on a prepared warp that will explore a wide number of techniques or choosing a particular technique that fascinates them.

On a pre-warped loom students will explore basic techniques and applications including borders, colour effects, the balance of background and pattern, background structure. The use of colour and texture will be encouraged. Taquete can also be woven.

Sampling may also include turned taquete and turned Summer and Winter, however a different warp will be required.

For those with experience of Summer and Winter and who wish to push the boundaries in a different direction combining Summer and Winter with other structures is a possibility. It may for instance be combined with double weave, lace or another supplementary weft/warp structure. You are limited only by your imagination.

Five days allows for extensive sampling and perhaps followed by the weaving of a final project. Five days also allows for an in-depth look at just one aspect and again may include extensive sampling with a project as a final outcome.

It is suitable for those with 4 or more shafts.

Experience level: beginner with some experience through to the advanced weaver.