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Kathryn Harmer Fox, South Africa: Using Your Sewing Machine as a Creative Tool

Kathryn Harmer Fox is a professional artist who uses fibre as her predominant medium; she has spent decades drawing and painting using thread and fabric.

Her work has been exhibited all over the world, including Japan, America, France and the UK. She has won many awards and recently received the Grand Prix in the Reflections competition hosted by European Patchwork Meeting in France.

She is a teacher who believes that art is a learnt skill and not a gift magically imbibed by babies at birth although she does know that everybody is born with the ability to create art.

Using Your Sewing Machine as a Creative Tool

This workshop teaches you how to manipulate fabric, fibre and thread into an art work using your domestic sewing machine – all you need to know is how to thread your machine and I will teach you the rest.

I believe that the ability to draw (a learnt skill like reading) frees you as an artist but it is not a necessity for creating a work of art; the ability to experiment (I will teach you a whole lot of different techniques with which to play) and the ability to see (I will teach you many different ways of looking at what you already see) is what is needed.

I am not interested in imposing my will on your work; I am interested in seeing your particular creative energy emerge; I want you to find and hear your own inner voice.

Join me and we can shout out loud while you sew your piece of art into existence.