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ENID TWIGLET, AUSTRALIA: Illustrative Hand Embroidery: Flora & Fauna

Enid Twiglet is self-taught in the art of hand embroidery.  Having no formal training in hand stitching Enid approaches each piece much like an illustration, using the needle and thread like a pencil to create tiny stitches which build up texture, tone and shape.  Enid has an emphasis on unusual subject matter and is fascinated with the often overlooked tiny creatures that are normally considered creepy, scary or ugly.  All of Enid’s hand embroideries are painstakingly stitched using very fine sewing thread using patterns created from her own drawings.

Illustrative Hand Embroidery: Flora & Fauna

In this workshop I will show you how to create hand embroideries from your own illustrations, sketches or photographs.  Students are welcome to bring resource images and/or drawings to the class or, alternatively, we can go scavenging for some inspiration on the first day.  The theme for this workshop will be about what can be found in the natural world, but I will leave this open to your own interpretation and you are free to find inspiration from your preferred flora and fauna. 

We will be creating a pair or trio of embroidered hoop pieces focussing on your chosen subject matter. I will teach you how to work with the style of blackwork embroidery that I have taught myself to create with; which is based around the layering of tiny stitches, much like stippling.  It is important to note that I do not adhere to any type of traditional embroidery stitches or techniques and this will not be a class focussing on correct embroidery stitches and practice. I see myself more as a rogue embroiderer and I want to pass on my skills to others so that they can enjoy stitching as much as I do!  No prior experience is needed for this class. Please do note that we will be using very small needles and extremely fine thread.

Materials and notes will be provided.  Students may bring resource/inspiration images or objects.