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Donna Watson, USA: Wabi Sabi: Paint. Rust. Stitch. Collage

Donna Watson is a mixed media painter and collage artist who has worked with many different mediums and styles of painting, collage and assemblage.  She has experience as a juror and workshop instructor all over the United States, and Canada.  She has had her works published in many magazines including The Artist’s Magazine and numerous books including MASTERS COLLAGE: Major Works by Leading Artists, and COLLAGE STORIES by Roxanne Evans Stout. 

Wabi Sabi:  Paint. Rust. Stitch. Collage

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic of things imperfect, incomplete and impermanent… a love and acceptance of nature affected by the passage of time… rusty, rustic, earthy, simple, layered, textured, organic.  Boro is a Japanese word meaning ‘tattered rags’ and used to describe patched clothing and bedding.  Boro embodies the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi.  Instead of fabrics we will use Japanese washi papers.  Participants will make their own collage papers in the tradition of boro, using paint, rubber stamps, stamping tools and stencils.  We will also be rusting some papers and using old tea bags.  Slow, mindful stitches may be added to some of the papers…along with leaves and small sticks.   Simple design elements based on Zen tenets like balance and harmony will be introduced.  Artists will make their collages using all their hand created papers based on their mindful connection to nature and the earth.