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DEIDRE ADAMS, USA: Intuitive design in abstract composition
Using mixed media to jumpstart creativity

Artist Deidre Adams works with paint, textiles, paper, and found objects. She spends her days obsessively building up marks, scribbles, stitches, scratches, and tears into densely layered surfaces. Her work is inspired by the quiet beauty found in the imperfect and the impermanent. Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Adams is influenced by the light and colour of the southwestern landscape and its beautiful but unforgiving environment. Effects of time and transformation are a recurring theme in her abstract paintings and textile work, which focus on the exploration of shape, color, texture, and mark-making.
Adams holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Metropolitan State University of Denver (Colo.) as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems & Management Science and an Associate of Science in graphic design. After having worked for years in administration and graphic design while concurrently pursuing her artistic development, she left the corporate world in 2008 to devote herself full time to her artwork. She went back to school to pursue a second degree, this time in art, completing her BFA in 2010. Her work has been shown extensively in juried and invitational exhibitions and gallery shows. She is represented in private, public, and corporate collections, including the Wichita (Kansas) Centre for the Arts, the Ritz-Carlton Highlands resort in Lake Tahoe, California, Metro State University in Denver, as well as numerous corporate offices, libraries, and health care facilities.

Intuitive design in abstract composition
Using mixed media to jumpstart creativity

Have you always wanted to try to work abstractly but didn’t know how to begin? Have you tried working abstractly in the past but found yourself unsatisfied with the results? The term “abstraction” covers a wide spectrum of expression, from stylized recognizable objects to completely non-objective compositions. Starting with a subject of your choice, we will discuss the various ways to approach abstraction. We will practice exercises to find inspiration and develop new ideas.
Learn how to use the design principles of balance, unity, and variety to improve your artistic compositions. Create more interesting and dynamic works of art by understanding how to make line, shape, value, colour, pattern and texture work for you. Explore simple, easy-to-remember “rules” that will make your compositions stronger.
We will explore a multitude of different techniques for creating visual and physical texture — Painting, printing, transfers, collage, hand- and machine-stitching, and layering techniques — on a variety of surfaces. Students will begin to develop a personal vocabulary of marks and use design fundamentals to create unique compositional studies for further development. We will optionally explore some bookbinding techniques to create a unique, personal, visual journal as a reference for future inspiration.
Geared toward the intermediate-level artist looking for ways to expand personal creativity.