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David Archer, AUSTRALIA: Fun with basic automata (interactive moving sculptures)

David is a recognised contemporary automata maker with over 25 years of experience.

Inspired in the tradition of Victorian and Edwardian amusements and seaside piers, circuses and travelling carnivals, David Archer’s work provides an escape into fantasy and bestows a humorous insight into the human condition.


Fun with basic automata (interactive moving sculptures)

Have fun creating basic automata! Enjoy the experience of designing and constructing your own simple interactive sculpture. Learn the fundamentals of mechanisms, modelling, construction and decorating. You will end up with an interactive, moving work of art!

Workshop time.

An introduction to automata, a hands-on display of basic mechanisms and working models.

Several of the David's works will be on display for inspection. There will be some drawing, concept, designing and then mostly making time.

Experience level needed? Life experience and a sense of humour!  Plus a very basic understanding of manual hand tools and their use. Ability to use basic power tools after my instruction. Remember, David will be there for you if all else fails!