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Clarissa Callesen, USA: Creating Abstract Fabric Sculpture with Recycled Textiles and Found Objects

  Clarissa Callesen is a sculptor working with found objects and recycled textiles. Her work is inspired and informed by her choice of untraditional materials.  In choosing this medium, it is her objective to explore the margins and to find beauty and value in that which our society has discarded.  Clarissa has exhibited her art throughout the US, including solo exhibitions in Seattle, WA, Bellingham, WA, and Boise, ID. One of her current projects is a large-scale fiber installation addressing climate change to be exhibited at the Museum of Northwest Art.  Her work has appeared in the books “Who’s your Dada?” and “Art without Waste”. Clarissa has been teaching mixed media techniques at conferences throughout the US for the past 10 years. Her teaching style is down to earth and fun, believing in embracing spontaneity and cherishing “mistakes”.

Creating Abstract Fabric Sculpture with Recycled Textiles and Found Objects

 I want to challenge you to see fabric and soft sculpture in a new way, to step outside our preconceived ideas of what is textile art.  I will be sharing with you my techniques of approaching fabric as a medium for sculpture. I come to the fiber world as a ceramic and assemblage artist, so I bring unique outsider attitudes and techniques to creating with fabric. Using hand stitching and alternative techniques, we will be creating organic shapes inspired by creative exercises and our natural environment.  We will explore combing found objects with fiber to create unique textures and embellishments. After we have generated lots of shapes and components to choose from we will approach the process like an assemblage combing the individual pieces to create a larger abstract sculpture on top of a rigid armature.  Intuition and spontaneity will be our companions.  I am passionate about the impact of textile waste on our environment and I will share information about that issue, I encourage you to work with recycled textiles as much as possible.  We will specifically address creative ways to alter and reclaim recycled fabric. This class is completely accessible to the beginner and yet can also challenge the more advanced student.  For more information about my work visit