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Christine Atkins, Australia: Stitched and Found

Christine Atkins is a West Australian artist working with fibre, metal, wood and found objects. With a current focus on the natural world Atkins creates works that combine botanical correctness, imagination and serious to the playful.  With an emphasis on ordinary, taken for granted or discarded materials comes an invitation to “re-appreciate”.  An opportunity to explore the forgotten beauty and value found within humble everyday materials.    Exhibiting nationally and internationally, her work has been recognised with several art prizes including the Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize. Her work can be seen in art collections and publications both within Australia and internationally. 

Stitched and Found

This technique based workshop focuses on the development of skills to create sculptural objects through the combination of separate components into one cohesive form. With an emphasis on stitch and needlework, contemporary, traditional and historical stitches form functional joining mechanisms and/or decorative elements.  Objects to “stitch” include: natural finds– shell or bone; metal- old, rusty or new; wood; repurposed objects; toy parts and plastic.  Some techniques covered during the week are: how to strengthen fragile items, forming holes, recesses and embedding in a variety of materials including glass, stone and ceramic; altering, enhancing and aging components to create aesthetically integrated forms.