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Alysn Midgelow Marsden, New Zealand: Draw and Stitch Permutations

Midgelow-Marsden is an experienced freelance artist in fine art textiles, an author, tutor and gallery director. Awards include the Bernina Award for the most Innovative use of the sewing machine, NZ, 2015. She was awarded a 2(I) Joint Honours Degree in Marine Biology and Biochemistry from Bangor University (Wales) and a Ph.D. in Biochemical Systematics from Loughborough University (UK).  In addition Midgelow-Marsden has professional qualifications in Textiles and Embroidery, Professional Arts Practice, E-commerce. She was until recently the Creative Industries Education Coordinator at Northtec, Whangarei.

I work primarily in copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel and pewter in the form of metal shims and woven metal fabrics. A scientific background and continuing interest in the natural environment and it’s connection with human existence is often combined with a fascination about the traditions of widely differing cultures and times. I have an experimental and curious nature leading to continuously evolving and changing works investigating new dimensions in textiles. Overall I aim for to be at once personal and universal, both disconcerting and fascinating. My textiles include outdoor sculptural works, wearable art and installation in addition to work for walls.

Draw and Stitch Permutations

There are times as textile artists in which we plan, design, consider, trial and discuss our ideas to the extent that by the time we are creating them, quite honestly, we are over them! In this course we will lighten up, try something different, which is simply instinctive, creating freely made lines. An improvisational mark making journey which glides effortlessly into creating works from natural or other observed forms.

We will look at options for developing these into print, into layered bases and later will use  free flowing, simple stitching, applique, wires and couching.

This is an improvisational design technique which is spontaneous, straightforward and effective for everyone. You absolutely don’t have to be able to ‘draw’ or ‘design’, simply be willing to go with the flow! Can be either machine, hand stitch or both as suits you. There is no necessity of any history of drawing, stitch or textile work, everyone is welcome.